hash::siphash +linux +x86_64

Implements the SipHash keyed hash function. Output of SipHash(secret, input) for any input does not reveal anything about the secret used, which makes it a good choice for use cases that require resistance against hash flooding.



// Undocumented types:
type state;


fn siphash(u8, u8, *[16]u8) state;
fn sum(*state) u64;


type state[link]

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type state = struct {
	v: [4]u64,
	x: [CHUNKSZ]u8,
	x_len: u8,
	c: u8,
	d: u8,
	ln: size,


fn siphash[link]

fn siphash(c: u8, d: u8, key: *[16]u8) state;

Creates a [hash::hash] that computes SipHash-c-d with the given 16 byte key, where c denotes number of compression rounds and d denotes number of finalization rounds. Recommended values for c and d are 2 and 4 respectively. Calling hash::close on this function will erase its state information. This function does not provide reset functionality and calling hash::reset on it will terminate execution.

fn sum[link]

fn sum(h: *state) u64;

Returns the sum as a u64