hare::unparse +linux +x86_64



fn _type(io::handle, size, ast::_type) (size | io::error);
fn builtin_type(ast::builtin_type) str;
fn decl(io::handle, ast::decl) (size | io::error);
fn expr(io::handle, size, ast::expr) (size | io::error);
fn ident(io::handle, ast::ident) (size | io::error);
fn identstr(ast::ident) str;
fn import(io::handle, ast::import) (size | io::error);
fn prototype(io::handle, size, ast::func_type) (size | io::error);
fn subunit(io::handle, ast::subunit) (size | io::error);


fn _type[link]

fn _type(out: io::handle, indent: size, t: ast::_type) (size | io::error);

Unparses a hare::ast::_type.

fn builtin_type[link]

fn builtin_type(b: ast::builtin_type) str;

Returns a builtin type as a string.

fn decl[link]

fn decl(out: io::handle, d: ast::decl) (size | io::error);

Unparses a hare::ast::decl.

fn expr[link]

fn expr(out: io::handle, indent: size, e: ast::expr) (size | io::error);

Unparses a hare::ast::expr.

fn ident[link]

fn ident(out: io::handle, id: ast::ident) (size | io::error);

Unparses an identifier.

fn identstr[link]

fn identstr(id: ast::ident) str;

Unparses an identifier into a string. The caller must free the return value.

fn import[link]

fn import(out: io::handle, import: ast::import) (size | io::error);

Unparses a hare::ast::import.

fn prototype[link]

fn prototype(out: io::handle, indent: size, t: ast::func_type) (size | io::error);

Unparses a prototype.

fn subunit[link]

fn subunit(out: io::handle, s: ast::subunit) (size | io::error);

Unparses a hare::ast::subunit.